Civil War Patriotic Envelopes: The Iconography of Union and Patriotic Covers (Louisiana State University Press, 2010). Civil War Patriotics is a book length examination of privately published envelopes from printers North and South designed to support the respective causes of the Union and the Confederacy. With more than two hundred color illustrations, the book illustrates the key issues for which men and women of the North and South fought, the importance of presidents Lincoln and Davis and the Union and Confederate flags as symbols of their respective nations, the changing perceptions of African Americans in popular culture during the course of the war, and the impact of the war on the roles of women and men in American society.

A related line of research involves identifying the publishers of Civil War patriotic envelopes, their geographic locations, and hitherto unattributed covers. See for example, “New Light on a Confederate Patriotic Publisher,” Confederate Philatelist, the first of a series of intended essays on Confederate and Union printers and their envelopes. Other forays into nineteenth postal history include my research on the changing designs on nineteenth century United States postage stamps and their significance.

My other long term academic interest is in the history of the Constitution and Bill of Rights from the founding to the present. My doctoral dissertation became The Politics of Opposition: Antifederalists and the Acceptance of the Constitution, in which I explored how the mode of Antifederalist opposition to the Constitution by its opponents contributed materially to the acceptance of the new Constitution and I edited a collection of primary documents and scholarly essays, The Whiskey Rebellion: Past and Present Perspectives, the first significant challenge to the survival of the new Constitution. In addition to documenting the contemporary understandings of the rebellion, the essays illustrate the ideas of the framers with respect to freedom of speech and the right to petition one’s government for a redress of grievances, as well as President Washington’s ideas about the modes of legitimate and loyal opposition within the existing political system. I have also examined proposals for a new Constitution for the United States by those who believed that the Constitution of 1787 had to be replaced with new and better one in Alternative Constitutions for the United States.

All three of my constitutional history books are out of print. Both The Whiskey Rebellion: Past and Present Perspectives and Alternative Constitutions for the United States are available from the editor at msbenterprises@earthlink.net.

Civil War Patriotic Envelopes: The Iconography of Union and Confederate Patriotic Envelopes. Louisiana State University Press, 2010 is available from LSU.edu or on Amazon.com and at some retail book stores.